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Packaging Examples

  • Beverage Packaging

    Although premade bag filling sealing machine and vertical form fill seal machine is not the best choice for the packaging of beverages, they have a certain amount of share in the beverage packaging market because of lower machine cost and outstanding packaging effects. Our packaging machines are suitable for the packaging of juice, soft beverages and other liquids with a low consistency.

  • Powder Packaging

    Powder packaging machine is our core packaging equipment. As a professional supplier, we have focused on providing suitable packaging solutions for power products for more than 10 years. Our vertical form fill seal machine and premade bag packaging machine support various kinds of bags such as 5~50g pouches or 1~5kg bags.

  • Daily Necessities Packaging

    Our vertical form fill machine and premade bag packaging machine has a superior compatibility across the food, pharmaceutical drugs and supplements, and hardware products. For example, our packaging machine has a widespread use in the packaging of fasteners, nuts, plastic parts, plastic ball and so on. Besides, packaging machines are made from stainless steel, which can provide durability and ensure a long life. What's more, our machine can be customized based on your demands.