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Food Packaging
  • Nut and Snack Packaging

    Snacks are favorite food of people such as chips, banana chips, nuts and so on. In the manufacturing processes of snacks, the packaging effect is very important and suppliers of snacks need to choose the most suitable packaging types with the help of professional packaging machine suppliers. We are sophisticated supplier of food packaging equipment and know the demands of customers thoroughly. Our company has provided more than 1000 sets of packaging machines for the food factories so far.

  • Candy Packaging

    There are various kinds of candies with different shape and size such as jelly beans, hard candies, cotton candies and so on. Therefore, these various candies need different packaging machines. The packaging of pre-wrapped candies or unwrapped candies should be attractive and thrifty.

  • Pet Food Packaging

    Pet food is commonly packaged with big pillow bags or premade bags on the market. Now most factories choose premade bags or premade bags with a zip packaging pet food for the beauty and convenience. Our premade bag form fill seal machine just meets the packaging requirement. The filling range is different for various premade bag packaging machine, ranging from 300g~5000g per bag and 5000g~30000g per bag.

  • Frozen Food Packaging

    Our vertical form fill seal machine is an ideal choose for frozen food packaging. Firstly, this type of packaging machine can joint with your feeding system directly and then the procedures of frozen food conveying, counting, filling, sealing and bag conveying will be automatically performed without handling of people, which protects the frozen food from any exist pollutions in the packaging process.

  • Rice and Bean Packaging

    Our company provides a turnkey solution for the packaging of rice and beans products. Our packaging solution is composed of Z shape bucket elevator, multihead weigher, automated vertical form fill seal machine or premade bag packaging machine, weight detector, metal detector and other accessory equipment. With the advanced production line and equipment and strict quantity guarantee, our packaging machine can keep stable and effective operate for a long time even in harsh environment. Besides, this packaging equipment can provide packaging for different target weight ranging from 50g to 25kg achieved by different model of machines.

  • Dried Fruit Packaging

    The automated vertical form fill seal machine and premade bag packaging machine supplied by our company can be customizable with different bag types and various filling range based on the demands of customers. For example, we can provide premade packaging with filling range of 10~100g per bag or 5kg~15kg per bag for dried fruit. What's more, our packaging machine can joint with production lines with your factory achieving full-automatically manufacture and packaging.

  • Dry Pasta Packaging

    Our company offers turnkey solutions for dry pasta packaging. The vertical form fill seal machine supplied by us is a good choice for the packaging of dry pasta because it can joint with the manufacture lines and achieving automatically production and packaging without the help of people. Besides, our packaging machine can make different bag type according to customers' requirement such as pillow pouches, doypack, square bags and so on.

  • Coffee Packaging

    Our company has provided many flexible packaging solutions for many customers. No matter the products is coffee bean or ground coffee, our packaging machine can meet the complex demands. For example, we can package coffee with different filling range per bag or different bag size. The minimum filling range of each bag is 3g and the maximum is 5kg, which can be achieved in different model machines.