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DXD-400F Powder Sachet Form Fill Seal Machine

  • DXD-400F Powder Sachet Form Fill Seal Machine
  • DXD-400F Powder Sachet Form Fill Seal Machine

DXD-400F powder sachet form fill seal machine is a set of automatic vertical powder packaging equipment with the maximal filling range of 300g. Besides, there are various types of bags to choose such as pillow bags, three sides sealing bags, four sides sealing bags and long strip bags. This type of packaging machine is widely applicable to the packaging of coffee, flour, tapioca, cornstarch, medicine powder,pepper and other kinds of powder products.

Packaging Sample
Technical parameter
Model DXD-400F
Packing speed 15-70bags/min
Bag-making size (L)50-250mm (W)50-150mm
Filling range 2-300g
Film width 100-360mm
Bag-making type Three sides sealing, pillow bags, four sides sealing
Packing materials OPP/CPP/PET/PE/Laminated membrane
Film thickness 0.04-0. 08 mm
Power supply AC220V 50Hz 2.5kw
Machine dimensions (L)1100×(W)800×(H)1850mm
Machine weight 300kg
An automatic feeding system

Accessory Equipment
The automated feeding machine is working for the powder sachet form fill seal machine. The powder on the ground barrel is transported by feeding machine to the weighing barrel of the form fill seal machine where the procedure of bag-making, filling, sealing and cutting is performed by sequence. Deserved to be mentioned, our feeding machine is equipped with vibration system and dismountable screw, which is easy to assemble, disassemble and clean. Besides, our feeding machine is intelligent and automatic, in the manufacture process, the only thing needed to do is pouring the powder into the barrel of feeding machine on the ground and then it will be transported automatically to the packaging machine according to the setting parameter, which can largely reduce the heavy burden of workers.

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